Ace Driving Academy in Edmonton
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Ace driving academy

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Ace Driving Academy & School provides you with the best professional Driver Training Institute in Edmonton. 8+ years Experience in success driving school, Ge

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Our Driving Courses Our professionally trained female and male Instructors all have more than 15 years of experience. Our trustworthy professionals will make your driving training worry-free. Take advantage of the following courses:

Driver education for beginners

Defensive Driving Course

Class D licensing

Brush-up lessons

Insurance Reduction Program …and more.

Beginner Driver Training in Edmonton Driving

At ACE Driving Academy of Edmonton, we specialize in driver education for beginners while providing expert instruction for all of your driver training needs. Each member of our team is here to help you become a safety-conscious driver who will help keep our city streets and highways safer for everyone.

Ace Driving Academy


From the ACE Driving training office we help our trainees develop their road rules and safety knowledge in preparation for passing the ACE Part 1 theory and hazard perception test.The great thing is, ACE Part 1 training is flexible, which means trainees can arrange it around their a busy schedules, and any existing work commitments they might have. We offer professional ACE Part 2 driving test training with our advanced, ORDIT approved Driving trainers.We have a high pass rate with many trainees coming to ACE after struggling with their training elsewhere. Our trainees also choose to stay with us to prepare for the third and final driving test of teaching ability. At ACE we provide high quality, ORDIT registered, Driving training for the ACE Part 3 Test of teaching ability. Traditionally the hardest qualification required to become an approved driving. We ensure our trainees are confident and fully equiped to pass before going for their test. Our Part 3 training is all done in-car, where our trainees are able to gain valuable experience of learning how to teach pupils and deal with real life, on-the-road situations.

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